About Me

I’m that girl who was in college asking everyone what they’re zodiac sign was. When I realized that that was getting a little creepy, I stopped bringing it up in conversation. BUT, if someone mentioned their birthday, you better BELIEVE that I remembered. And, I’d spend hours and hours observing people, trying to figure out how people acted in connection with their zodiac sign and what motivated them.

So, it’s weird that it took me until I was almost 40-years old to become a professional astrologer. But, here I am.

What was I doing in the meantime? Well, my fascination with observing people and how they acted was fueled toward studying sociology and psychology, which is what I majored in when I got my bachelors degree from Rutgers University. After that, I went on to get my masters degree in counseling services from Rider University and pursued a career in mental health counseling. I loved working with people in the mental health field, but deep down I knew that I had a spiritual calling.

Fast forward to the year 2019, when I discovered a love for tarot cards. When I received my first deck...I felt like I had gotten back a piece of myself that I’d never known was missing. I started reading for people and was blown away by how accurate the readings were. It solidified my belief that each of us is intricately connected to the universe and to each other. The cards are a reflection of this beautiful truth and are here to remind us and guide us.

In 2020, I started studying modern astrology under Ayesha from Oath Oracle. This was all great and good until we got to the lessons about the houses. I was instructed to pick whichever house system I felt was most accurate, which is a common practice for modern astrologers. This drove me CRAZY and I couldn’t figure out which house system to pick! They ALL could be accurate. I wanted to know WHY one house system was created versus another. However, modern astrology doesn’t provide this information for us.

Then, I started to hear about this class on ancient Hellenistic astrology from an astrologer that I followed on YouTube.

In this class, I’d learn the history of how astrology was created and how to interpret a chart based on traditional techniques. I’m not into things that dead people created, but I figured I could learn more information about the history of the house systems. This would solve my dilemma and give me a better understanding of why I would use one technique over another when reading a birth chart.

Later in 2020, I began this class and started studying traditional Hellenistic astrology under Acyuta-bhava Das at Nightlight Astrology. It wasn’t anything like I thought it would be. It was BETTER.

Then, in 2022, I discovered the work of Benjamin Dykes, who taught traditional Medieval astrology. After taking a few of his workshops, I was BLOWN AWAY by the accuracy of his delineation techniques, which combined solar returns, annual profections, and distribution of the bounds together.

Hellenistic and medieval astrology brought magic back to my world.

The ancient Greeks and Persians, who practiced and developed astrology, were from a time when gods and goddesses roamed the earth. The stars were the homes of these deities and they spoke to us through a pattern of planets and constellations in the sky. These divine beings were witnesses to our lives and guided us to understand the very nature of being alive.

So now, I’m a professional traditional astrologer and I’m never going back.

This love for traditional astrology has also deepened my connection to and love for my tarot cards, as the two divination arts are intricately connected. In my practice, I provide birth chart readings, tarot card readings, and a combination of the two...depending on your preference! (Click here to book a reading).

In addition, I LOVE teaching all of the things that I’ve learned about tarot, astrology, and spirituality on my YouTube channel. I also do a weekly combined tarot and astrology reading for my viewers every Sunday. Make sure to check it out! (You can find my channel by clicking this link here).

Thank you so much for reading about me and I hope to connect with you soon!


Terms of Service

Astrology, Tarot, and Oracle Cards are not based on any scientific findings and in order to adhere to current legal legislation it should be pointed out that they are therefore only to be deemed for entertainment purposes.

For legal reasons readings will not be offered to anyone under the age of 18.

You as the client have entered into this contract of your own free will.

Readings are based on my interpretation of the cards pulled/birth chart.

Information discussed during a reading is to be understood as a guideline only. Any actions you take because of this information will be entirely due to your own choice and is solely your own personal responsibility.

If subject matter addresses any legal, medical, financial or business subject it is your responsibility to seek advice from professionals within these fields prior to taking any action and any action taken is your personal responsibility.

If during the first ten minutes of your reading you feel that the information is not accurate, or have any other reason that causes you to wish to discontinue the reading you have the right to stop the reading and payment will be refunded. However, after this time, although you can still stop the reading whenever you wish, you agree that a service has been provided and due payment will be required.

I have the right to stop the reading whenever I feel the need. If I have to stop the reading for any reason I will try to explain why, although I am not legally bound to do so.

All information discussed during a reading is confidential. If you choose to discuss the content of the reading with 3rd parties this is done so at your own free will. If for any reason you feel vulnerable or have any known psychological issues you must not instruct me to commence the reading.

All bookings made for private readings are done so with the understanding that you have read and agree to the details shown above. I have read and agree to the information shown above and hereby exercise my right to request and receive a private reading.